What to expect in your first consult

Getting to know you and your health concerns

If you are suffering from some niggling issues that you just can’t seem to shake, and you are motivated, health conscious and believe in natural therapies, I would love to work with you!

Before I can help you, I will need to know ALL ABOUT YOU! That is why prior to your first consultation with me, I will email you a barrage of very detailed questionnaires to complete. Please allow yourself up to 2 hours to complete these questionnaires. These questionnaires need to be completed at least 48 hours prior to our appointment to give me time to look through your responses and come up with great recommendations for you during our first consult. These questionnaires will ask you about every aspect of your health, your symptoms, your emotions, your lifestyle and your diet so that I can start thinking about how I can help you before I even see you! When you email me back the completed questionnaires, please also email me scanned copies of any relevant pathology or radiology reports.

When you do come and see me, I will first start off by clarifying the health concerns you have and obtain even more details about these from you. If you have emailed me your pathology or radiology reports prior to the consult, this is also the time when I will go through these with you and explain to you what your results mean. This will take 60-75 minutes out of the 120 minutes we have.

The next part of our consult is the physical examination.

I will start by examining your face. Of interest to me are your complexion, your nose, your ears, and your eyes. When examining your eyes, I will use iridology to help identify more health predispositions you may have to add to my overall assessment of your health and well-being. I will often use the timeline analysis method when examining your irides and ask you about significant times in your life when you may have experienced emotional or physical stress. This is so that we can determine whether these are still affecting you and whether you need to resolve these in order resolve your current health issues.

Next, I will ask to look at your tongue. If you have a habit of scraping your tongue in the morning, I would ask that you not to do this before you come and see me. Your tongue will give me a lot of information to further confirm what is happening in your body. I will look at the colour, the shape and the coating of your tongue.

Moving on to the rest of your body, I will examine your hands next. I will feel the temperature of your fingers, hands, wrist and arms, and check the colour of your nail beds. Then I will check the wrist pulses of your left and right hands. Your pulses will give me even more information about the physiology of your body from a Chinese medicine perspective. After that, I will feel for lumps and bumps along the acupuncture channels of your hands and forearms.

After checking your pulses, I will get you to lie down so that I can perform a visual and manual examination of your abdomen. When examining your abdomen, I will first look at your abdomen from the side and then from the top before checking the temperature of the different parts of your abdomen. Then I will start feeling your abdomen using light touch followed by firm pressure to see if there are any areas of tenderness.

To round off the physical examination, I will look at your legs for their colour, and check for any visible varicose or spider veins, and swelling. I will also feel the temperature of various parts of your legs and press on certain parts of your legs to check for swelling or your pulses. I will then conclude by feeling for lumps and bumps along the acupuncture channels of your feet and lower legs.

After examining you, I am ready to give your my assessment of your health concerns and my recommendations. If required, this is when I will advise you of any pathology or functional tests that will further clarify any of your health symptoms. When giving you my assessment of your health concerns, I will explain to you what is happening to your body from both a western and a Chinese medicine point of view. This is followed by dietary and lifestyle recommendations from me and then any herbal or nutritional supplementation if required. When necessary, I will also be referring you to other health practitioners who I work with who can help you with other aspects of your health.

To round up our first consultation, I will make up your herbal formula for you (if required) (this takes about 20 minutes); or pick out and explain to you the nutritional supplements I need you to be on (this takes about 20 minutes); or give you your acupuncture treatment (this takes about 30 minutes).

Then I will schedule you for your follow up with me for acupuncture or for a review of how you are going with the lifestyle/dietary recommendations and supplements/herbs I have given you. Your first follow up will usually be between 7-14 days from your first consult. Prior to your first follow up, I will check in with you via SMS 3 days after your initial consultation.

As you can see, our first consultation is jammed pack and you will go away with a whole new understanding of what is happening in your body and what you need to do to resolve your health concerns. After the consultation, I will also set you up on my online Patient Portal so that you can update me on the progress of your symptoms and also your implementation of the various lifestyle and dietary changes I have recommended.

If this is the level of care you want from your practitioner, then please complete my Booking Request form (below) to schedule your first consultation with me! I look forward to working with you in your health journey!

- Dr Reece Yeo

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Please be advised that Dr Reece Yeo does not see patients with the following health issues: severe psycho-emotional issues, eating disorders, IVF support, and patients on warfarin/coumadin.

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